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Current Projects


PBint (Protection, search and interoperability of multimedia content: New techniques and applications) is a research project funded by the Spanish National Science Foundation for 2012 - 2014. The contribution of GTAV to PBint consists in the development of face detection and recognition algorithms within the framework of a platform designed for the management and secure distribution of multimedia content. A watch list application is being implemented which will add an added value to the search of persons in data bases analyzed by the platform.


PBint is a joint project coordinated by the Distributed Multimedia Applications Group of the Department of Computers Architecture of UPC-BarcelonaTECH.

Image Processing in IC Reverse Engineering:
Reverse Engineering (RE) in the semiconductor industry deals with the process of obtaining the schematic diagram of an integrated circuit from its physical representation. The application of image processing in this field ease and speed up repetitive tasks that require high human efforts and hardware resources.

The GTAV collaboration with the IMB-CNM (Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona del Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica-CSIC) is aided to develop a set of professional tools based on image processing algorithms to automate the reverse engineering methodology used by the ICAS (Integrated Circuits and Systems) researh group from the IMB-CNM.