Face Database


Recently, a face database has been created with the main purpose of testing the robustness of face recognition algorithms against strong pose and illumination variations. This database includes a total of 44 persons with 27 pictures per person which correspond to different pose views (0º, ±30º, ±45º, ±60º and v90º) under three different illuminations (environment or natural light, strong light source from an angle of 45º, and finally an almost frontal mid-strong light source. Furthermore, at least 10 more additional frontal view pictures are included with different occlusions and facial expresion variations. The resolution of the images are 240x320 and they are in BMP format.


Example of a person ID on the database (different pose views).



Example of a person ID on the database (different illuminations):



Example of a person ID on the database (different facial expressions):



Example of a person on the database with occlusions:





This database is publicly available. It is free for research staff. All publications and works that use the GTAV Face Database must reference this web site and the authors of the database:

F.Tarrés, A. Rama, “GTAV Face Database” available at

Al researchers can use but not reproduce or distribute the GTAV face database given that the following steps are properly followed:

  1. Send an e-mail to Dr. Francesc Tarres ( or Ing. Antonio Rama ( before downloading the database.
  2. We will send you an username and a password to download the database.
  3. The pictures can only be published or presented in research papers or at research conferences, and in no case can be used with commercial or economical purposes.
  4. Permission is NOT granted to reproduce the database or post into any webpage or any other storage means.
  5. Written permission must be obtained from Pr. Francesc Tarres or Ing. Antonio Rama if you want to share the database with other institutions that collaborate in the same research project.

This database contains human subjects who agreed to participate in the acquisition of this dataset for research purposes. To guarantee the proper use of this database, the above steps are requested and must be followed by everyone. No country or institution is excluded of any of the above steps. Failure to follow the above steps will be legally prosecuted.



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